Geothermal baskets

What is a geothermal basket?

Geothermal baskets from Betatherm consist of up to 200 m of basket-wrapped geothermal pipe. These will be installed 3.9 m deep into the ground.

Where is a geothermal basket used?

Due to the low installation depth, the geothermal baskets can be used almost anywhere. Thanks to its modular design, the geothermal basket system can be individually adapted to any requirement, making it the ideal solution for single- and multi-family homes as well as small commercial and industrial applications.

Is the ground at a depth of only 1 - 5 m a reliable source of heat?

Yes, geothermal energy always works! Even in cold February, there is still a temperature of about 5 °C at a depth of 1 – 5 m, which can be “pumped” to a higher temperature level with a heat pump.

What are the advantages of geothermal baskets?
  • Independent energy source
  • Significant cost advantage compared to deep probes
  • Long life
  • No noise emissions
  • Maintenance-free
  • Uniform heat extraction from a depth of 1 – 5 m
  • Also suitable for cooling
  • Individual dimensioning
  • Low space requirement
  • Simple approval procedures
  • Installation is usually possible even in water protection areas under certain conditions
  • Horticultural use remains possible
  • Quick installation or support for self-installation
What are the advantages over air-source heat pumps?

Compared to air-source heat pumps, brine-to-water heat pumps have a significantly longer service life, less energy consumption (electricity) and lower operating costs. In addition, unlike air-source heat pumps, geothermal heat baskets and brine-to-water heat pumps are not visible from the outside and there are no noise emissions.

What are the advantages of geothermal baskets over deep probes?

Basket installations are more often approvable than deep wells. In addition, geothermal baskets allow cost savings of 20-40% for the same efficiency and are available at short notice.

How can I inquire for a geothermal basket installation?

Basket number and cost

How many geothermal baskets do I need for a single-family house?
What is the cost of geothermal baskets?

Questions about space requirements and spacing

How much space do I need for the geothermal baskets?

For the planning of the area requirement, there should be about 35 – 40 m² of area for each geothermal basket, 15 – 25 m² of which should be unsealed area.

The following distances must be observed:
Distance from basket center to basket center 6 m for ECO basket, 7 m for MAXI basket, 2 m distance from basket edge to building and to the street, 1 m distance to neighboring property or 2 m distance to neighboring building.

Do geothermal baskets require a minimum distance from the neighbor?

In most cases, no distance is defined, but this varies from state to state. It should be to an unpaved neighboring property min. 1 m and to a neighboring property with a building or to a street 2 m distance must be kept.

Can I build over the geothermal baskets?

The geothermal baskets may not be overbuilt with structures such as garages, carports, pools, basements or roads. The horticultural use of the area above the installed BetaTherm geothermal baskets remains possible without any influences, but must not be sealed.

May a tree be planted over a basket?

Shrubs, hedges or vegetable beds can be planted above the baskets. In the case of existing trees, the crown of the tree must be taken into account; baskets must not be installed in the area of the so-called crown eaves. Any regional requirements (tree protection) must be observed.

Installation questions

How to install a geothermal basket?

The baskets are set into 3.9 m deep excavations and backfilled with the existing soil, or with replacement material if required, and compacted in layers. By means of modern connection technology, the baskets are connected centrally to our distributor. The primary line is led through the on-site house entry, where the installer makes the connection to the heat pump or heating circuit.

Do I need a permit for the installation?

Depending on the installation location, an inquiry must be made with the responsible authority.

Is installation in a water protection area possible?

If no groundwater worthy of protection is tapped, installation is usually possible even in water protection areas under certain conditions. Even in water protection areas 3, permits (some with conditions) are usually issued for the installation of geothermal baskets.

When is the right time for installation?

When the basement or floor slab is completed.

How long does the installation take?

The geothermal baskets can usually be installed ready for connection within one day for a single-family house.

Who organizes the excavator for the installation?

Dredging is a service provided by the customer. The excavator with driver is ordered by the customer.

Can I install the geothermal baskets myself?

Yes! We plan and dimension your plant and supply you with a customized material package.
You only purchase the material from us and install the system yourself with your civil engineer according to our installation instructions. During the installation we will be at your disposal by phone.

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