Family house, built in 1923

4 MAXI geothermal baskets

The 120 m² house is heated by panel radiators (30 years old). The geothermal baskets are 2/3 in the groundwater and cover the heat requirement of approx. 17,000 kWh/a.

More information on flow temperatures, electricity consumption and the heat pump:

Project Feneberg

Existing building

8 MAXI geothermal baskets

The geothermal baskets were installed a little away from this residential house within 2 days in Schleswig-Holstein. The baskets cover the heat demand of about 24,000 kWh/year. Thanks to Josef A. Südkamp.


36 MAXI geothermal baskets

Three heat pumps 5-22 kW,
the 36 geothermal baskets provide a thermal energy of approx. 125,000 kWh/year (noventec GmbH)

Single family house 8-Maxi geothermal baskets


20 MAXI geothermal baskets

The installation on the 1,500 m² site took a total of 5 days. The kindergarten has a heating load of approximately 36 kW.

Indoor swimming pool

22 MAXI geothermal baskets

350 kW heating power required,
of which 50 kW with heat pump
– Partial coverage for a renewable share of 80,000 kWh/a.

Single family house

4 MAXI geothermal baskets

180 m² – 450 m² plot
– 2 bathrooms

Senior day care

4 MAXI geothermal baskets

– Hybrid plant with PVT
– 1,050 m² plot

Single family house

4 MAXI geothermal baskets

160 m² – 620 m² plot

Single family house 4-Maxi geothermal baskets

Single family house

4 MAXI geothermal baskets

180 m² – energy demand 14,000 kWh/a

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Cost example

Key data

House in Germany
Detached house with 180 m²
Heat demand of 14,000 kWh/a

Cost of materials

4 MAXI geothermal baskets, manifolds and accessories approx. 7,755 € incl. Freight and VAT (project located in germany)

Installation costs

Installation in Germany with installation team 1-2 days approx. 1,600 € incl. VAT plus Travel expenses


Excavator is organized on site