Geothermal baskets

The ideal heat source
for your heat pump

Geothermal energy

With BetaTherm geothermal baskets you get the inexhaustible energy from the earth.

Geothermal baskets are the modern and maintenance-free solution for all builders and homeowners who want to effectively use the free power of the local earth to generate energy.

With the BetaTherm geothermal baskets you make yourself independent of the increasingly scarce and expensive resources of natural gas and crude oil.

The geothermal basket

The patented BetaTherm geothermal basket is used in the field of so-called near-surface geothermal energy and is considered a comparatively cost-effective and quickly realizable solution.

Compared to air-source heat pumps, brine-to-water heat pumps have a significantly longer service life, less energy consumption (electricity) and lower operating costs. In addition, unlike air-source heat pumps, geothermal heat baskets and brine-to-water heat pumps are not visible from the outside and there are no noise emissions.


Independent energy source

Significant cost advantage compared to deep probes

Long life

No noise emissions


Uniform heat extraction from a depth of 1 – 5 m

Regeneration of the soil

Also suitable for cooling

Individual dimensioning

Low space requirement

Simple approval procedures

Installation is usually possible even in water protection areas under certain conditions

Horticultural use remains possible

Quick installation

Support for self-installation

Mode of action of the heat extraction

At the installation depth of the geothermal baskets, even in cold February, there is still a temperature of about 5 °C at a depth of 1 – 5 m, which can be “pumped” to a higher temperature level with a heat pump.

The geothermal basket extracts its heat from depths of up to 3.9 m. The brine runs from the bottom rim of the basket to the top, ensuring even heat extraction.

While the surface collector can only access a layer of earth close to the frost line, the geothermal basket also draws the required thermal energy from deeper, warmer layers of earth. Thus, despite the small area required, very large volumes of soil are achieved as an energy supplier.

The ground has a large heat or storage capacity. Due to the heat input in summer (rain and sun), the heat is retained for several months and the ground temperature decreases more slowly than the air temperature.

Making optimal use of other heat sources

Hybrid systems allow a combination of different heat sources. The prerequisite is that the heat pump used has integrated heat source control.

3D image heat sources


The relatively constant ground temperature throughout the year allows the brine-to-water heat pump to extract heat from the ground in heating mode and store heat in cooling mode.


A heat pump that uses the outside air as an energy source can be used almost anywhere. To cover the increased heat demand in winter, it should be used in combination with a geothermal source.


Electrical energy can be generated with a PVT collector and used as a source for the heat pump with an additional thermal collector. This combination means that less surface area is required for the same energy yield.


In addition to manufacturing our geothermal baskets and distribution systems, we are first and foremost your partner for the correct design of your project.

Thanks to its modular design, the geothermal basket system can be individually adapted to any requirement. Our planning team supports you in dimensioning your system, individually adapted to the property and your needs.