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From the newspaper article – Schlei Bote Kappeln, Stephan Schaar, article from July 28, 2023

Real estate expert Matthias Mau (37) gave a lot of thought to a sustainable and independent energy supply when building his new private home.

Heating with earth baskets in the garden. Climate change and rising prices: Matthias Mau wants to build energy-independent in Kappeln.

“It’s not just about efficiency and low operating costs for me; climate protection and sustainability also play a major role, says the 37-year-old family man.
… The decisive factor for me is that no expensive drilling for a deep probe is required and the effort required to insert the baskets into the ground is kept within limits, explains Mau.
… The geothermal and photovoltaic solution is somewhat more expensive to purchase than a combustion heater, but as a combination with photovoltaics in operation then practically free and without emissions. “

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Many thanks to master builder Josef A. Südkamp.

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Laying plan of the geothermal baskets: