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From the newspaper article – Gießener Anzeiger, Sonja Schwaepe, article from October 14, 2023

Baskets for heat and cooling

Buseck. A great deal has already happened in the Rahberg II development area in Oppenrod. At an on-site visit, representatives of the municipality, including Mayor Michael Ranft, members of the energy advisory board and members of the project development company Imaxx, took a look at the progress of the work. Franz and Karin Graf from the BetaTherm company in Wangen im Allgäu were also on site …

Currently, around 174 geothermal baskets with a total pipeline length of 35,000 meters are being laid on the 3.5-hectare site … Connected to a heat pump, three such baskets supply a house with 150 square meters of living space with heat or provide cooling in summer.

A total of 41 building lots are planned for Rahberg II: 35 of them for single-family homes, six for multifamily units.

“Compared to air-source heat pumps, systems with geothermal baskets have lower operating costs and are extremely durable,” Graf said. So the baskets, which are more expensive to purchase, would be worth it after 20 years of operation due to the lower operating costs. In the process, 800 meters of brine pipes are installed on the property outside the building window, ideally in the back of the garden. The future owners receive a finished geothermal system and only have to have the supply line laid from the distribution box into the house. In addition, unlike air-source heat pumps, geothermal baskets are not visible and are also silent, he said. “In addition to heating, geothermal baskets also work for cooling in the summer, which is becoming increasingly important,” Graf said. Another cooling system is not needed, he said.

With the mandatory photovoltaic system on the roofs, the electricity needed for the heat pump is self-generated on an annual basis. By covering the system, horticultural use of the open spaces is still possible. The area above the geothermal baskets must not be sealed.

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From the newspaper article – Schlei Bote Kappeln, Stephan Schaar, article from July 28, 2023

Real estate expert Matthias Mau (37) gave a lot of thought to a sustainable and independent energy supply when building his new private home.

Heating with earth baskets in the garden. Climate change and rising prices: Matthias Mau wants to build energy-independent in Kappeln.

“It’s not just about efficiency and low operating costs for me; climate protection and sustainability also play a major role, says the 37-year-old family man.
… The decisive factor for me is that no expensive drilling for a deep probe is required and the effort required to insert the baskets into the ground is kept within limits, explains Mau.
… The geothermal and photovoltaic solution is somewhat more expensive to purchase than a combustion heater, but as a combination with photovoltaics in operation then practically free and without emissions. “

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Many thanks to master builder Josef A. Südkamp.

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