Geothermal baskets

With BetaTherm geothermal baskets you get the inexhaustible energy from the earth.

In addition to the solution for heating, the geothermal baskets also work for cooling in the summer.

BetaTherm geothermal basket


Independent energy source

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Significant cost advantage compared to deep probes

Long life

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No noise emissions

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Uniform heat extraction from a depth of 1 – 5 m

Regeneration of the soil

Also suitable for cooling

Individual dimensioning

Low space requirement

Simple approval procedures

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Installation is usually possible even in water protection areas under certain conditions

Horticultural use remains possible

Quick installation

Support for self-installation


compared to air-source heat pump, surface collectors, deep probe or Ring trench collector

Air-source heat pump

Compared to air-source heat pumps, brine-to-water heat pumps have a significantly longer service life, less energy consumption (electricity) and lower operating costs. In addition, unlike air-source heat pumps, geothermal heat baskets and brine-to-water heat pumps are not visible from the outside and there are no noise emissions.

Wärmequelle Luft

Surface collectors

In contrast to surface collectors, the geothermal basket also draws the required thermal energy from deeper, warmer layers of the earth. Thus, despite the small area required, very large volumes of soil are achieved as an energy supplier and are used extremely evenly for heat extraction.

Depth probe

Basket installations are more often approvable than deep wells. In addition, geothermal baskets allow cost savings of 20-40% for the same efficiency and are available at short notice.

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Ring trench collector

Ring trench collectors require more space than geothermal baskets. In order to ensure safety when installing the ring trench collector deeper than 1.2 m, additional safety measures (and compliance with BG building regulations where applicable) are required. The design criteria are often imprecise and performance specifications are often given without sufficient guarantee. Hydraulic integration is difficult with a ring trench collector, as air pockets are virtually unavoidable. Laying the rings on top of each other can lead to kinks and uneven flow. If maximum pressure losses are not taken into account, the usually long individual strings cause large Δt.

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Technical data

Geothermal basket Technical Data
Geothermal baskets Technical Data
Geothermal Basket Technical Data
Geothermal basket Technical Data



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