Planning and installation

The legal regulations for installation refer to Germany, please observe the specific regulations of the respective country.


  • Distance from basket center to basket center
    6 m for ECO basket, 7 m for MAXI basket.
  • 2 m distance from the edge of the basket to the building.
  • 2 m distance from the road.
  • 1 m distance from the neighboring property
    or 2 m distance from the neighboring building.
  • The distance to foundations, traffic areas, pools and water / sewage pipes must be at least 1.5 – 2 m.
Planning distances

Space requirement

The compact size of the geothermal basket requires up to 60% less space for the entire geothermal basket field than a comparable surface collector. For each geothermal basket should be about 35-40 m² area.

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Icon - Water protection area

Installation in water protection areas

If no groundwater worthy of protection is tapped, installation is usually possible even in water protection areas under certain conditions. Even in water protection areas 3, permits (some with conditions) are usually issued for the installation of geothermal baskets.

Horticultural use

Shrubs, hedges or vegetable beds can be planted above a basket. For existing trees, pay attention to the tree canopy; baskets should not be installed below the tree canopy. Any regional requirements (tree protection) must be observed.

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Overbuilding, pools or drive-over capability

The geothermal baskets may not be overbuilt with structures such as garages, carports, pools, basements or roads. The area above the installed BetaTherm geothermal baskets must not be sealed.

In the area of installed geothermal baskets, after 1 m of covering with soil, axle loads of 10 t can be driven over without danger.

Installation video


Thanks to its modular design, the geothermal basket system can be individually adapted to any requirement, making it the ideal solution for single- and multi-family homes as well as small commercial and industrial applications.

Our planning team will support you in dimensioning your system, and we will be happy to prepare a suitable offer with installation proposal for your construction project.

Project flow

Planning and installation with BetaTherm

We plan your plant individually tailored to your property and your needs. On request and by individual agreement, our installation team can install the geothermal baskets (note requirements on site).

Project flow with BetaTherm

Planning and installation with specialist companies

Planning and installation by specialist companies: e.g. planners, architects, property developers, energy consultants or our partners.

We have some installation partners in Germany who take care of the planning and installation. Please contact one of our partners directly for a non-binding inquiry.


We plan and dimension your plant and supply you with a customized material package. You only purchase the material from us and install the system yourself with your civil engineer according to our installation instructions. During the installation we will be at your disposal by phone.

Project flow - self-installation

Installation instructions

We plan individually for your property


The geothermal baskets can usually be installed ready for connection within one day for a single-family house.

For this purpose, the baskets are sunk into 3.9 m deep excavations and backfilled with the existing soil or replacement material and compacted in layers. By means of modern connection technology, the baskets are connected centrally to our distributor. The primary line is led through the on-site house entry, where the installer makes the connection to the heat pump or heating circuit.

Installation partner