Ring trench collector

What is a ring trench collector?

A ring trench collector is a system for using geothermal energy to extract heat energy from the ground. This is a form of geothermal collector that is used as a ring-shaped collector.

Where is a ring trench collector used?

Ring trench collectors are mainly used in private homes, but also in smaller commercial buildings. Compared to deep probes, which often have to be drilled up to 100 meters deep, the construction work for a ring trench collector is less invasive.

What do I need to consider with a ring trench collector?
  • Design: The criteria for designing a ring trench collector are often imprecise. Performance specifications are often made without sufficient guarantee.
  • Space requirement: Compared to geothermal baskets, a ring trench collector requires more space, which makes it less suitable for smaller properties.
  • Safety regulations: The ring trench collectors are installed deeper than 1.2 m. Additional safety measures are required to ensure safety. Safety aspects such as compliance with BG building regulations may need to be taken into account during installation.
  • Challenges: Hydraulic integration is difficult, as air inclusions are virtually impossible to prevent. With a ring trench collector, overlapping the rings can lead to kinks and uneven flow. If maximum pressure losses are not taken into account, the usually long individual lines cause large Δt.
What is the advantage of ring trench collectors?

The raw material for ring trench collectors is cheap and freely available on the market. However, the quality can vary depending on the manufacturer. At BetaTherm, on the other hand, we always purchase our material directly from the manufacturer, which enables us to ensure consistently high quality.

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